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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  March 28, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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3 aatacks.the surprising way - on fox 45 news at 5:30- &p3 3 p
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3 33 p3 first on fox...a baltimore murdered her on.he was shot and killed by police.but prottct her.megan gilliland is here with more on why police say he was in danger.
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3 good morning patrice,it happened at this northwest ballimmre home... on west cold road.inside... investtgators say they receivvd a call that 21-year oll sheron ackson as threatening to attack his mother with knife.his mother... tia jackson... sayss her son called 9-1-1 at bout 9-30 yesterday morning aftee &phavvng an argument with her..- oo mental illness... bbt wasn't attacking her.when the officer arrived... jackson says she yelled from upstairs to her son to open the front - jackson says she hearr at 3 18:20:13 ((s. jackson) -3 "instead of him coming p in even get a chance to talk.. he just shot him."7:27:10 ((uglielmi) "whatever was happening innide this housee ssmeone felt compelled to all police in fearrfor their 3 within a minute ann that situation uufolded." unnolded."homicide detectives & are investigating.we're ttld & they are talking to that
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-3 offiier and otter witnessss. 3 forrnoww the officer has been suspended... which is routine in policc involved shootings. i'm meggn gillilann, fox45 morning news. 3 3 baltimore county police are 3 back...theyyre seaachhng for the suspect ii a string of bank robberies. & robberiee..urveillance photos connect his suspect with at november.... all at wwlls pargo banks in the towson area. in each case, the man implied he was armed and presented a note demanding money.annone with information is asked to all police..- 3 fox45 has teamed up with the -moss popullr crime mapping website on the internet "spotccime" trrckk criminal activiiy in yyur neighborhood. you can also get eeails when crime happens.sign up by going po our website... fox- baltimore dot com...and click on "spotcriie" in the "hot & topicc" ssction at the top of &pthe screen
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3 the supremm court finishess - their second ayyof oral -3 argumentt ooer the health ccre - law backed by president obama. ii's hard to tell which way the ustices are leaning.on &ptuesday, they took on a key provision offthe law ... the individual kate bolduan reports... justices will decide if the plan is constitutional. constitutional. --reporter pkg-as follows -- (nats: e love obamacare)high drama outside the supreme court.....(nats: here's what we ay to obamacare)but the real action was inside the courtroom as the justices examined the key question in & the historic health care case -- is the individual mandate constitutionaa? the argument didn't appear to go well for the obama administration andd it's supporters -- eeen swing 3 seemed skeptical -- signaling the laa goes too far.thee povernment ii saying that the federal government has a duty to tell the individual citizen that it must act, aad that is
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different from what we have n previous cses and that changes the relationship of the federal government to the individual in tte very -3 fundamental way.ttough chief justice john roberts was tough on both sides, giving some hope he ight be persuadee to side with the administration on the mandate question -- the provisionn reeuirinn most ameeicans to have health insurance or pay a penalty.once we sayythat there require people to parriccpate pn it, as some would say ... pt seems to me that e can't say there are limitatiins onn what congress can do under its ccmmerce power all bets are off.the more conservatives & justices also posed multiple hypotheticals, testing the boundaries of the sweepingg &phealth care overhaul..ou can - get buriil insurance. you can get health insurance. most people are going to need heelth care. almost everybody. eeerybodyyis goinn to bee buried or cremated at some point. verybody has to exercise, because there's no doubt that lack of exerccse cause -- causes illness, and
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phat causee health care costs to go up. o the federal government says everybody has to -- to join a -- an exercise cllb. the obama administration's top llwyer verrilli, diddfind a symppthetic ear from the 4 more liberal justices -- all -3 indicating ccngress acted within it's power in crafting the law.the ppople whh don't parttcipate in this market are making it much more expensive for the ppople who do. so youure not -- t's not yoor -- something for yourself. what you do is goinn to affect others, affect them n, in a major wayyup next, this pistoric case wraps up with thh final issues beiig debated -3 ann they areeimportann. the justices will be taking a look at whether any f the law can survive if the individual mandate is found unconstitutional. they will - also be examining whether the exppnded mediiaid program under the law unfairly steps on state ppwers. kate olduan,
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cnn, attthe supreme court. & 3 a final court decision is expeeted in june. 3 scientists have just gotten cancer.thhy have found a actuallyyslow the growth of -&ptumors.the antibody blocks aa protein that preeennt immune cells frommattacking the tumor... helping the immunn system to try to destroy &pcancer cells.the proccss worked oo all kinds oo cancers in they're working to find out if it'sssafe for 3& it's a scene that's almost surreal.police dash cam ccpttres a school bus speeding doon a new mexico interstate... with officerssin heavy pursuit..he bus was stolen... nnostudents were on board. after a lengthy pursuit... officers attempt to - stop the bus with road spikes... but that doesn'tt - stop the suspect.a state police officer even tries o ram the bus in an attempt to - stop it. finally the bus median.officers rushed the bus... firing their guns...
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hitting the suspect twiceehe is expected t reccvvr and face several criminal charges. 3 now for some bad news... no one has won the mmga millions jackpot.good news .... e all have another chance on friday. friday.the esttmated jaccpot is now 446 million dollars. -3 phaatis the largest in lottery - history.but don'' throw out your tickets yet.... ome prizes were won.47 tickets matched five of the six nummers and will pay out 250- thoosand dollarr.the winning numbers were: 9919--4-44-51-24 3 "don't be a stiik in the mud".. takes on a whole new mmaning for one georgia man. you can barely see him... but fireeighters are trying to save a man from drooning in &pmud!the man was walking near a ponstruction site when he walked through the mud andd began tt sinkkhe was theee for
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hours beeore sooeone called 3 hhspital.. where he is 3 at least it will be warmer yesterday.but it woo't last... -3how warm it will beetoday... and when they will drop again... next in your skywatch weather forrcast. forecast.
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3 man a new life... by iviig him a faae 3 giddy... it was like a kid at christmas.. christmas..see their wook ... next ii our cover stooy. story.and laaer in ports... ravens head coach jjhn harbaugh says they need too strengthen their offensive linn.. but find out what he had to say about kicker... billy cundiff. p3 ((bump outt) p(break 2))
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3 3& the world's first extensive face transplant took place in baltimore last week. tonight, the 37 year old maa prom southern virginia.. 3 contiiues his recovery from the successful reconstructive surgery... kkthleen cairns has our cover story.... "new face- new life." 3
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at the univeesity of maryland medical center: 3&pmoment-- in 1993)))some of tte nations tops surgeons come together to talk about áoneá patient: richard norriss (drs)"wee'e been able to reachh this miraculous event" ámiracleá is not a word used lightly in the medical ccmmunityy.. (dr tom scalea)"this is the most remarkable thinn i haveeever seen"but in 997:after norris sustained a gunnhot wound:.. -3&p(photos changing)"this skeletal defoomiiy comes with signiffcant soft tissue deformity.. and you can see &pthe individual aa he livee for 15 years of his life.. behind a mask."(dr rodriguez)"living basically as a recllse.. doing his shopping at night. "but after a decade of ressarch.... the scientific findings were put to the test. red bow tie)"where we are bringing &pground brraking reeearch findings from the laboratory directly iito theeoperating room.. or if yyu will from thee bench to the bedside." the surgery took 36 hours... moving
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tongue and teeth... from onee.. to another.... norris had endured years of a painful xisttnce... and -3 this surgery produced this result.... (moment unveiiing photo ) "providing this drapp & days after his surgical procedure... (clapping)"after thh surgery.. norris.. was anxioussto look in a mirror. (dr tom scalea)"anddhe was giddy... it was like a kid at christmas.. all he could say & was.. this issso cool..this is over againnheedonors family edwardo rodriquez) "when we look attthe donor and look at richard.. its obviously a blend of two individuals..cllarly ttere are some specific features like the nose ann chin but behind the ssft tissue and skeleton it is richard norris"drs noo hope full face trrnsplanns can now be used on others... like sollierr from the war zooe. in dt balt kc fox 45 news at 10 3
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the same anonymmus donor also saved the lives of of five other people, thanks to -3 organ transplants... those 3&pduring the ame two day period. 3 coming uu in our 6 o'clock 3air...nats... nats...what sparked thhs -3& bizarre and terrifying rant p..from the captain f a petblue plane... and who steepee ii to subdue the frantic man. man.but first in was un while it lasted...the lady terps made it to the 3 notre dame.but find out who scored the most points for the teaa. 3 ((break 3))
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3 in sports.. they made it to the "elite eight"but that's where the seeson ends for the lady terps. terps.naas. nats.they took on notre dame
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for a trip to the final four last night in north carolina. alyssa thomas scored 17 &ppoints... tianna hawkins and pliciaadevaughn added ten points a piece...but that wasn't nearly enough.the terps fell to op-seeded notre dame....80 tt 49.. &p still, a grrat season for maryland, as they finish the year 31 and 5. 3& bruce cunninghaa has the rest offyourrsports headdines..- headlines. &p
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3 coming up in our 6 & o'clock hoor... a former republcian presidential candidate is ack... and he'' 3 hii. 3 nats.until the rrbbit is shot. shottfinn out who is behind - ttis isturbing and controversial anti-stimulus
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